Watch the Complete 1st Season Trailer here.

GRL: The Complete First Season screens this Sunday, May 4th @ 8PM at the MoMA. After the flick, talk with artists featured in the film, including Mark Jenkins, Leon Reid, Steve Lambert, the GRL and special guests + party to the music of Javelin. BYOPS! (Bring your own purple stuff).

Get your tickets here!

SORRY! We sold-out. But the Complete First Season will be showing at BAM on Saturday, May 31st at midnight. Cost = Free!

Here’s the moment none of you have been waiting for…

GRL: The Complete First Season will make its NYC premiere for PopRally at the Museum of Modern Art on May 4th @ 8PM + PARTY after the flick with Javelin and special, special guests.

Get your tickets here before they sell-out.

SORRY! We sold-out. But the Complete First Season will be showing at BAM on Saturday, May 31st at midnight. Cost = Free!

Or download the torrent of the unofficial DVD here before we sell-out (our DVD is coming soon!).

Read the official press release for the movie here ( redacted by the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Graffiti ):

From their origins in the trash room of a non-profit in Manhattan to their emergence as the instigators of an international art movement, Graffiti Research Lab: The Complete First Season documents the adventures of an architect and an engineer who quit their day jobs to develop high-tech tools for the art underground. The film follows the GRL and their network of graffiti artist collaborators (and commercial imitators) across four continents as they write on skyscrapers with lasers, mock advertisers with homemade tools, get in trouble with The Department of Homeland Security and make activism fun again. Primarily using video footage from point-and-shoot digital cameras (“The Pocket Schoolâ€?) and found-content on the web, the movie’s visual style draws as much from the art of the power point presentation and viral media as conventional documentary cinema. Narrated by GRL co-founders, Roth and Powderly, The Complete First Season makes a humorous and insightful argument for free speech in public, open source in pop culture, the hacker spirit in graffiti and not asking for permission in general. The film was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008. Available 24/7 on The Pirate Bay.

– For more GRL @ the MoMA with NYC’s finest look here, leap there and go thither.

Thanks to Hobby Boulihan for the best movie poster art eva!

Atención, llamando a todos los escritores de graffiti de la Ciudad de México.
Graffiti Research Lab estará en el DF del 11 al 21 de octubre. Participaremos en algunos talleres y eventos públicos durante el Festival Transitio, para después lanzarnos a la calle en nuestro flamante camión GRL y ponernos a trabajar. Si eres escritor, artista urbano o manifestante y quieres involucrarte, envía un hola a

“We must be prepared to face our responsibilities and be willing to use force if necessary.”
Dick Cheney

Good point Dick. I think I’ll join the army — the all-volunteer A28 army. Let’s Roll!

The G.R.L. rolls out its newest probably-not-street-legal vehicle, the Mobile Broadcast Unit: audio, projection and L.A.S.E.R. tag systems all mounted on a big tricycle. For more information on the MBU and to watch a video of the G.R.L. riding in Critical Mass Brooklyn click here.

From March 1st – April 7th, the Graffiti Research Lab is declaring NYC an OPEN CITY. All the streets and walls have been turned over to the bombers, pranksters and protesters. As a triumph for the GRL’s foreign conquests, and for all the anonymous public works made by servants of the street at home and abroad, Eyebeam is presenting an exhibition and series of free screenings and workshops that reveal the tools and tactics of graffiti writers, artists, protesters, pranksters and hackers who are reclaiming our cities by any means necessary.

Presented by Eyebeam, Open City: Tools for Public Action is an exhibition documenting the ingenuity of graffiti writers, artists, protesters, pranksters and hackers reclaiming the public realm. By presenting the artifacts and tools of the artists, the exhibition offers a deeper look at the means and motivations of urban action and creativity. Open City hopes to inspire its audience to make their own tools for public action. To encourage community participation, a series of screenings, presentations and workshops exploring tool building, tactics and approaches to communication by any means necessary will occur at Eyebeam throughout the month-long exhibition. Among the means and materials presented will be: paint, tape, stencils, digital projection, large-scale public pranks, hacking urban infrastructure, homemade markers and ink recipes, lasers, etch, the internet, social engineering and activist robots.

Featured Artists include:

Aram Bartholl (Berlin)
BORF (Washington D.C.)
Graffiti Research Lab (NYC)
Institute for Applied Autonomy (USA):
Improv Everywhere (NYC)
Mark Jenkins (Washington D.C.)
Object Orange (Detroit)
Leon Reid (NYC)
Matthias Wermke (Berlin)
Krzysztof Wodiczko (PL/NYC)

This exhibition is on view from March 1 – April 7, Tues-Sat 12-6pm.
For directions to Eyebeam or more information about the exhibition, public presentations or workshops, click here.

I love the smell of stimulated radiation in the morning.

Last night @ 2200 hours, the GRL laser-tag system went online and fully operational. The laser tag system status is GO and we are calling all writers in the Netherlands to please report to Rotterdam most riki-tik for training and deployment. The GRL will be turning over control of the system to writers, protesters, artists and the citizens of Rotterdam from the 7th to the 10th of February, starting each night around 1600 hours at the KPN building in Rotterdam. If you’ve ever wanted to catch a 20-story high tag with a laser beam, WE WANT YOU!


Sources have now confirmed that the communique released on July 29th, in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, D.C. was in fact the BORF Brigade. With harsh words for local developers and politicians, the B-Brigade spoke directly to the citizens of the metro area, promising a twisted new campaign of aerosol terror if their demands were not met. Then they threw a party.

For more on this rapidly evolving story check out the coverage of the communique by Visual Resistance and the subsequent B-BRIGADE street party by the GRL.

Throw a street party in your city using the Street Party Tricycle!

New York City, Hotel Pennsylvania
July 22, 11pm

Benefit Art Show for Daniel McGowan
New York City, ABC No Rio, 156 Rivington St, Lower East Side
July 27 & July 28, 5-10pm

Washington DC (location TBA on July 27th at
July 29th, 9:30pm

Boston, Boston Convention Center
July 31 – Àug. 2

Linz, Austria
Aug. 31 – Sept. 5

Stavanger, Norway
Sept. 6 – 9

“… going each and every place with the mic in my hand.”

Mark Jenkins, the Wooster Collective, the Graffiti Research Lab, and Geek Graffiti.

Eyebeam and the Wooster Collective present a night of technology based graffiti projects. Mark Jenkins, the Graffiti Research Lab, and students from the Parsons Geek Graffiti course show a range of experimental work in new materials and techniques for urban communication.

Monday, May 22nd
5:30 – 8pm
540 W. 21st Street,
New York, NY 10011 link

Sponsored by Eyebeam and the Wooster Collective.

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