Reporting live from nowherre: Graffiti Research Lab: the Complete First Season (coming soon to a torrent near you) screened yesterday and set a new Sundance record for the most copyright violations per minute.

In other history-making news, Palestinian rappers DAM and DR of PR performed with New York’s Boldest: 2ESAE and SKI, and all the Slingshot Hip Hop crew outside the Eccles Theater in Park City, Utah. With a little help from the G.R.L..

Two days later a part of the border wall falls in Gaza. Coincidence?

Watch the video above to see the newest G.R.L. tools designed to embarrass nations, tag mountains and piss off the narcs at the RIAA and the MPAA. Stay tuned for more coverage of the GRL making a mockery of Sundance. FREE GAZA! FREE PALESTINE! And FREE MUSIC downloads!

Click here to view G.R.L. photos from Sundance.

Click here for .mov version.

Robert Redford kicking it with All City Crew member 2EASE.

Page Tears w/ 2ESAE and Waleed Zaiter from Slingshot.

Special Thanks to 2ESAE, SKI, Bennett4Senate, Mikey K, Michele, Twin A, The Slingshot Hip Hop crew, All the rappers, Shari, Mike, Mike Plante, Bridgette Erickson, and everyone else who helped make this possible.