Verison equals the NSA

The Graffiti Research Lab has officially renamed The Verizon Communications Corporation in a ceremony supervised by the U.S. Department of Homeland Graffiti to celebrate the July 9th FISA Legislation granting telecommunication companies retroactive immunity from legal action in cases of warrantless and unconstitutional wiretapping. Under its new name, The National Security Administration, the behemoth telecom will enjoy a greater degree of freedom from assault by litigious U.S. citizens when breaking the law and capitulating to the Bush administration. Thank god for liberal senators like Barack Obama who are looking out for the little guys like AT&T, BellSouth and other major telecom companies. When asked about the FISA provision, NSA/Verizon chairman and CEO Ivan Seidenberg, said, “This is a big new step for our company and our investors.” He continued, “Now we ARE the government, so fuck you… try to stop us! Mwahaha!”

For a list of other U.S. Senators who are protecting the rights of all Americans who own communication monopolies click here.

Stay tuned for more action from the GRL’s latest WMD, the L.A.S.E.R. Stencil, aka the Green Lantern, in its international debut.

Verison equals the NSA

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GRL equals America

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