Click Here for coverage of the take-over, beginning in Linz, Austria.

Welcome to Hell, NYC.

An idle cop is the Devil’s plaything. Did I say Devil cuz I meant Petey Vallone Jr. So stop beating down graffiti writers and keep yourself busy with this knitted police tape pattern from agent Lonely Guy.

More info on pig knits on flickr and in Craft magazine.

It’s graduation day from Hangar’s training school for projection bombers in Barcelona. Behold and tremble.

That’s what makes them talk about it… He specializes in hitting the untouchable
— David Smith on SANE,

¿Te molesta que las gotas de pintura te salpiquen los ojos? ¿Desearías que la gente se diera cuenta de tus heróicos esfuerzos para poder pintar la propiedad privada? Si la respuesta es “SI”, lo que necesitas es el nuevo EXTINGUIDOR POV CAM del Laboratorio de Investigación del Graffiti.

Como usted lo vió en YouTube.

It’s not the first time someone bombed El Corte Ingles in Barcelona, but this is def the first time it involved lasers and b-boys. Check out GRL’s Paramilitary Block Party, an epic, full length feature film (47MB, 5:45 min duration) starring La Guardia Urbana De Barcelona.

        (_) /_____  (_)___ ___  ____  __  __   
     / / __/ __ / / __ `__ / __ / / / /
    / / /_/ / / / / / / / / / /_/ / /_/ /   [ jtnimoy ]
 __/ /__/_/ /_/_/_/ /_/ /_/____/__, /  
/___/                            /____/  

Josh Nimoy, freelance hacker (specializing in music, movies and microcode) and the world’s greatest origamist, got down with the GRL in Barcelona and designed a new brush style for the L.A.S.E.R. tag system. For source code, and screen captures go to Photos of JT’s projection bombing here on flickr. Stay tuned for more updates from the GRL in Barcelona.


GRL Nimoy Style

“We must be prepared to face our responsibilities and be willing to use force if necessary.”
Dick Cheney

Good point Dick. I think I’ll join the army — the all-volunteer A28 army. Let’s Roll!

The G.R.L. will be in Barcelona this week as a part of OFFF, the International Festival for Post-Digital Creation Culture. We will be debuting the G.R.L. Mobile Broadcast Unit Barcelona and having four hour lunches every day. If you’re a writer and want to get involved email us at megaohmresistor @ hotmail dot com.

May 10th – 12th
CCCB Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
C/ Montalegre 5, 08001
(more info here)

Friday May 11th, 17h – 18h
(schedule here)

Graffiti Research Laboratory @ Hangar (in colaboration with OFFF)
14, 15 and 16th May
16h – 21h

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