We’re not Triads. We’re not Al-Qaeda. We’re just a mass of kids running around Hong Kong in SUVs with much gear and lasers listening to Cantonese Hip Hop. What do you have to fear?

November 14th, 2007 the GRL goes to Hong Kong China Hong Kong for the Microwave Festival, meets MC Yan, eats well, buys military surplus in Mong Kok, makes history. Now in the Guinness World Record as the world’s farthest tag, Mc Yan gets up on the Hong Kong Cultural Museum in Kowloon from The Star Ferry Pier on Hong Kong Island. 1200 meters — with a little help from the GRL. Who cares.

We’re just practicing…

For all the ill photos go here and here (FuckFlickr, Yahoo is a narc!).
For Hong Kong press peeky here and here.

Thanks to Diana, Joei, Nora, Queenie, Keith (Yo! SCM What up?) and all the crew from Microwave, Han Yan, Edwin Lee you saved our ass, Graphic Airlines, Indeependent, facts, girlad, Urban Messenger, KS1, and all the other writers who came out.

MC Yan, you are my hero. Thanks for all the writing, music (w/ DJ Frankie) and life coaching. Stay tuned for more history made by the MC and the GRL. To learn you must click these links (click now):
Lazy Mutha Fucka Wikipedia page entry
Yan demonstrating a meditation from Tibetan Buddhism
4e Creative

download [audio:] — Hum Ga Ling!

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