Drive-In GIF Theater

This is the uncut, slightly sped-up 9 min clip of all the animations that made it into our low-res-film festival in Rotterdam. Over sixty animation were sent to us via-email by the creme de le plebes of the net. Thank you to everyone who submitted. We made no curatorial decisions so if you submitted an animation and don’t see your gif on the wall we apologise. It was due to a communication or programming glitch and not an intentional slight or curatorial choice on our part.

Check out the .mov 2 kpn conversion software by GRL agent and freelance ninja Theodore Watson. Software, source code, and how to at

For highlights click any of out any of the following links:
Zidane Headbutt by Borna Sammak
Dancing Baby
BORF, Bush and Copyright Copyright by Void Diode
GRL, 911 2.0 and Elvis Elvis by Johannes Lang
Smooth Criminal
Full length clip on youtube
Link to all the frames from every animation.

Courtesy of KPN