Postal Chairs

“The 1961 NYC Zoning Resolution encouraged private developers to provide spaces for the public …as relief from certain building height and setback restrictions.” “41 percent are of marginal utility” and “inaccessible or devoid of the kinds of amenities that attract public use.” To find privately owned public spaces in your neighborhood of NYC check the site.

This project was spawned in part from research done by Brendan J. FitzGerald which can be found at The Postal Chairs project was inspired by FedexFurniture and created by Capitano Incognito with assistance from IminentDisaster, Agent Ily, and Dao Ting Tom (tutorial illustration).

View photos of the Postal Chairs in use on the G.R.L. Flickr Pool. To make your own Postal Chairs for privately owned public spaces view the instructions below:

Audio by Kanye West.

(6) – Express Mail Box, 12.50″ x 15.5″ x 3″
(1) – Global Priority Mail Box, 12.06″ X 9.06″ X 2.38″
Clear strapping tape