Many many thanks to everyone that came out to support Mike at the 2ESAE fundraiser. With your help we were able to raise $3,000, a huge step towards getting Mike a lawyer and giving him a chance to defend himself. A lot of people went home happy with fresh canvases, custom shirts, and blackbooks blessed by NYC’s finest. Thanks to Eyebeam for providing the space. Thanks to all the performers: Large Pro, Jamie Dubs, Jak Danielz + Johnny Walker, Craig G, and SR, as well as the b-boys and b-girls who were hitting the concrete all night long.

2esae blackbook
opening shot

More photos up here and here

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mp3s of all the performances:
[audio:http://fffff.at/audio/JamieDubsLive.mp3] — Jamie Dubs
[audio:http://fffff.at/audio/LargeProLive.mp3] — Large Pro
[audio:http://fffff.at/audio/JakDanielzLive.mp3] — Jak Danielz + Johnny Walker feat. Craig G and SR

But its not over yet.

Mike is locked up at Rikers for the next three months, and faces another trial while still incarcerated. If you know of a good lawyer who would be willing to take on Mike’s case, please contact evan[at]fffff.at.

Don’t forget about your boy while he’s gone. Please send letters, flicks, books, respect, and love to the address below. A page describing all the shit you can’t send to inmates can be perused here.

Michael Baca (B&C: 1410720441)
1600 Hazen St.
East Elmhurst, NY, 11370

package to mike

Stay posted for updates, and pour some out for your homie 2ESAE.